Bluephoric offers brand identity consultation and design. We start with getting to know you, your business and your market. Branding is steeped in human psychology, and we are passionate about developing your colors, icon and word mark that make up your logo. The brand soul-searching phase is where we, together as a team, dig into discovering the perfect brand for your business, refining it along the way until it’s perfect. The result is a clean and elegant logo to represent your company.

Video Production

We believe that no other medium speaks as effectively as video. Whether we are promoting a client’s latest institutional-grade multi-family offering, an on-site project documentation piece, promotional corporate videos or aerial footage, we deliver big budget quality without the over-priced markup.


Bluephoric provides full-service photography services including studio headshots, action photography, education-based photography, culinary photography, commercial real estate photography, promotional photography and aerial photography.

Web Design

Your website is the first introduction of your business that your prospects typically see. As the methods for producing a cutting-edge web presence have gone through a lot of changes since their inception, we believe that 2 principles to an effective site never change – concise messaging and engaging visuals. We make awesome websites, plain and simple. We don’t over-design and we focus on simplicity, using your brand’s voice to convert your prospects into leads.

Graphic Design

Virtually every piece we produce has a graphic design touchpoint. Branding, video, photography and printed marketing collateral all require a deep understanding of graphic design principles that the Bluephoric creative heart has been honing and evolving for over 25 years. We design and produce business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, illustration, apparel and promotional swag products for our clients.